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Stamp NGO India

Stamp India is the initiative to connect on a grassroot level with the population of India. We will connect with panchayats governing bodies corporates to help constituents plant in any and every area of the country.

Man power will be used from all villages and panchayats to reforest land and villages will be helped with techniques of rain water harvesting, drip irrigation, education of various plant life and how they grow and jobs will be created for caring and managing the plant life.

  • Our Mission

    Stamps aim is to create a better environment for our children! we can stop climate chasnge it is possible and we have 3 years to increase our green cover and rerduce our carbon footprint so we believe in encouraging everyone to put their stamp on this earth by planting trees as a symbol of themselves so our future generations can connect with the environment as much as they do with their iphons

  • Objectives

    The stamp plaque program - Buy a tree with a onetime fee and we will plant it and take care of it with your name stamped on it. You can buy it for yourself or a loved one. Buy one or many, we want you to Leave your green mark on this earth with STAMP!

    The stamp school initiative - Educate our children about planting trees and reconnecting them with nature in a way that is beneficial to them and the environment. Starting school programs that eventually give credits for this as part of their curriculum

    The stamp gardens of the world - (the Bollywood Garden) Building a sense of community by uniting different sections of society to create communal gardens. Creating world class gardens in india & bringing them into the global limelight making them tourist attractions

    Stamp India - Connecting with Panchayats and governing bodies all over india to further educate and involve their constituents in our initiative to plant trees and understand the value of the environment

    Earthh renewal project - our first project with ins shivaji lonavala of creating a bio diverse sacred forest… with our sponsors nerolac..

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Who We Are

STAMP – is a tree planting organisation that believes in preserving and rebuilding the environment for future generations through reforestation planned organic farming and beautification of Gardens which brings awareness , entertainment and education to the regular Indian citizen. So that he may value his country preserve his land and respect his environment

What We Propose

Stamp would like to take over existing gardens and build many more new ones as we feel there is a lack of social public spaces for school children and their parents to interact with nature.
Stamp wouod like to do this by creating themed gardens all over our coutry that surpass international standards and are heralded as wonders of the world so they also become sources of tourism for india as a country internationally.

What We Want To Achieve

Stamp wants to preserve and repair the damage done to the environment through our various initiatives.

By creating the vertical garden we will reduce the air pollution around these new bridges helping a growing problem in our country
India is number 1-10 of the most polluted cities of the world. We need to do something and we need to take action now. With the bollywood garden we will start the process of showing the world that india is serious about creating a better environment and it can become a major tourist attraction highlighting the values of our country.

Children are born with a sense of wonder and an affinity for nature. Properly cultivated these values can mature into ecological literacy and eventually into sustainable patterns of living.

Flyover Bridge

Stamp would like to request the govt for the unused spaces around and under the new planned bridges and flyovers that bmc is creating all over the city of mumbai. Here we propose to create space saving vertical gardens that improve air quality and will counteract the pollution on the road and make the appearance favourable to all including residents around the road.

Bollywood Garden

We request the bmc for a plot to create the first ever bollywood garden in India. Where we would create a graden that will become an interesting tourist attraction by having the big personalities of bollywood to plant trees that are representations of them. The garden will be designed by a variety of plants blended beautifully for colour and education. . The garden will also be like a botanical garden where students can come and learn. It will also be a space for cultural programs.



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