The Bollywood garden will be a manicured jungle reflecting the character of the great names and families of Bollywood

CREATIVITY will be at the heart of this garden

From jacaranda lanes to laburnam canopies each character will be defined by nature

We propose a garden like the Hollywood walk of fame! Where trees are the representations of the celebrities who plant them. This garden will be the first in india and the world and will represent everything Bollywood which has now become a part of our culture and India’s identity internationally.
We propose the garden to be a space that the city of mumbai would be proud of to show as the jewel of the city. The Bollywood garden would bring the attention of the world on india as being environmentally responsible country taking the issue of global warming seriously.
The garden willl have flora and fauna native to india and medicinally important ! It would educate the world about Indian herbs and also educate the Indian population on the benefits of nature. Allowing people a natural space to be held in as high regard as they do the film industry.


Anna Hazare
Stamp is proud to have received its first tree in our initiative to stamp the earth from renowned social activist Anna Hazare. His tree is a NEEM tree which is native to india and represents purity
Nerolac Initiative



The Mukerji Family
Spanning five generations of actors producers directors that have shaped our film industry. We hope to create a cluster of trees symbolic to the greatness of this family