Bollywood Garden


The Bollywood garden will be a manicured jungle reflecting the character of the great names and families of Bollywood

CREATIVITY will be at the heart of this garden

From jacaranda lanes to laburnam canopies each character will be defined by nature

A Few Examples Would Be

Amitabh Bachchan
One of the icons of our film industry we would hope a Banyan tree appropriately symbolises his stature and his larger than life persona

The Kapoor Family
Here we could have an assortment of trees or a collection that creates a certain visual drama representing the many members of this illustrious family.
The Mukerji Family
Spanning five generations of actors producers directors that have shaped our film industry. We hope to create a cluster of trees symbolic to the greatness of this family
Anna Hazare
Stamp is proud to have received its first tree in our initiative to stamp the earth from renowned social activist Anna Hazare. His tree is a NEEM tree which is native to india and represents purity